Thursday, November 8, 2012

Holiday Gift Packs!!

Give your loved one (or yourself) 45 minutes to a better you!!  We have AMAZING gift sets for everyone on your holiday list!!  These prices can't be beat!!  Check out our once in a lifetime holiday deals!! Go HERE to find these amazing deals or click the pictures!!

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How To Wrap

Below are video's I've compiled to help you learn how to wrap.  Watch one or watch them all!


You can use the same method from the videos to apply the wrap to other parts of your body using this diagram below or watch videos on how to wrap your ARMS, and LEGS:

You can also wrap your feet!!

And don't forget about out your chin and neck! Here's a diagram showing you how to cut the Ultimate Applicator to apply to those chubby chins and necks!!
Here's a video to help show you how to apply the cut applicator to your chin. (note:  It Works use to sell wraps specifically for your chin and neck, but have discontinued the product which is shown in the video. But the same method still applies). DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT ON YOUR FACE! We have Facial  Applicators just for your face, sold separately!
You can wrap ANYTHING on your body with the Ultimate Body Wrap, including your chest! Yes, women do this too! I don't have a diagram to share, so you might have to use your imagination on that one!

The wraps come in a box of 4.  If you would like to only buy one, please contact me to purchase a single Ultimate Body Applicator for only $30!

~~If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!~~
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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Real People!

True story!!  This awesome lady saw these results after only ONE HOUR!!!  Can you believe it!!  The ULTIMATE BODY APPLICATOR is changing lives!  This is a must try product at an AFFORDABLE price!  Nothing but surgery will get you these results this quick, but now we've cut out the high cost and the painful recovery!!  Please feel free to ask me ANY questions!  I love my job!!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Launch Party Giveaway!!

Today's the day I launch my site and I'm giving away a FREE ULTIMATE BODY APPLICATOR!!  To win is simple!  You just have to follow me on FACEBOOK!  Want more entries?  Like me on TWITTER, follow me on PINTEREST, and follow my RSS FEED to gain up to FOUR entries!  Want more??  Share my site on Facbook, Twiter, and repin my site on Pintrest!  That's a total of SEVEN entries!!

What are you waiting for!  Start your path NOW to a better you!

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Changing Lives!

I can personally attest to the changes of my body!  I will admit, it's not as drastic as some of the changes I've seen in others, but it works!!  It's changing lives!  Mine included!  Who knew there was a product that could help you tighten, tone and firm your body in as little as 45 MINUTES!!  Many are in awe of it's amazing power to re-sculpt the damage done to ourselves without the use of surgery!!  It's simple, easy and AFFORDABLE!  I've wanted to take care of my baby pooch for years and thought the only way I'd ever do it, was with surgery.  Not anymore!  Now, without surgery, I'm saving money and a painful recovery!  How am I doing it you ask.  Let me tell you just how simple and CHEAP this is!  You simply apply a wrap made with ALL NATURAL ingredients to ANYWHERE on your body you'd like to see change!  Leave it for at least 45 minutes and watch the magic begin!  This product is known as the ULTIMATE BODY APPLICATOR!  It's changing lives and can change yours as well!  Give it a try today!  At only $30.00 $25.00 (for a limited time), you can start your journey to a better, healthier you!  

Please contact me if you have ANY questions or concerns!!  Click HERE to learn more about the Ultimate Body Applicator and what it can do for you today!!

Check out how you can save even MORE!!!

Just check out these before and after pictures!!

 MEN are doing it too!!  Want more proof??  Go HERE to see more AMAZING photos of our satisfied customers!!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's HERE!

My wraps came today!!!  At first I was beyond excited.  Then it started to settle in.....I had to do this.....not just try this product, but make it work!  I just signed up to be a DISTRIBUTOR without even trying the product!

Starting my own business is not something I ever thought I could do!  I always wanted to do it, but never knew how.  I honestly HATE multilevel marketing (MLM)!  I don't even want to think about the number of MLM's we've tried in the past!  The money wasted!  I never once liked ANY of them!  I thought they were all a scam......I didn't mind trying their ridiculously high priced product to help support friends and family, but never did I want to attempt to generate an income!  And now here I was not just willing to trying yet another product, but to try and make money on it!  Not only am I trying it, I initiated it!  It's always been my husband wanting to try our hand in the MLM world, NEVER me!  It always seemed like a gimmick!  Why did I give in?  Do I actually think I can do it?  Can I sell?  Can I devote the energy and time into this?  Yes I think I can!  But will it be worth it?  MLM's have a tendency to reel you in with the huge profits you can turn over in little time.  Little do many realize the amount of money one must cough up to get started, and too often then not, it is never worth it!  So why did I give in?  At first I just wanted to try the wraps to help me change my baby making body; now here I am, preparing to sell a product I haven't even tried yet!  I'm anxious.... scared.... nervous..... EXCITED!  I'm actually excited about an MLM company!  This one just seems...... different...... BETTER!

I start my wraps tomorrow! Praying this is everything I've dreamed of and more!  Pin It

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Starting My Journey

When my friend Lacie posted her before and after photos on facebook showing a DRASTIC change around her midsection in a short period of time, I was intrigued!  Mostly because I have been struggling with my weight.  Life threw us quite the curve ball sometime ago.  Stress and frustration with the everyday has made it difficult for me to lose the baby weight after having our third child almost TWO years ago!  In fact, today I weigh MORE then I did coming home from the hospital with my little bundle of joy!  It's not by much, although I have managed to lose a few pounds this month getting me closer to my hospital weight.  Sad isn't it.  I've never really had this problem.  I mean dieting was tough for me after my other two kids, but I somehow managed to do it.  With the added stress we've been dealing with for so long, losing this weight has been TORTURE!  I hate getting dressed, I have a closet full of clothes (nothing real fancy, but their not to shabby), and I can only wear a few of them.  I spend my days in my comfy yoga pants and a loose t-shirt.  It doesn't help that my husband left a pen in his pants pocket and I ended up washing it with three out of the 5 nicer shirts I can fit into without looking like the muffin tops I love to eat!  I experienced quite the frustration this morning while I was getting ready for church and could not find a top to go with my skirt!  Sure I actually have a good handful of choices, if my waist wasn't so thick!  I'm tired of this and I want to fit into my clothes again!  I want to look and FEEL good!

The Ultimate Body Wrap is not a weight loss solution, but my hope is that it will give me the motivation I need to say no to the delicious looking doughnut screaming my name!  For me, I find it easier to eat healthy if I feel like my body is actually changing! 

Unfortunately, I didn't have the money to try it!  Yes, that's how scrimped we are.  After seeing how well my friend was doing not only with shrinking her pant size, but now with the income, I became even MORE intrigued!  I wanted to try it, I had to try it!  I trusted her, I knew she wasn't feeding me a bunch of make believe garbage.  I told my husband I desperately wanted to give it a try.  Somehow we managed to come with the $99 to become a distributor and I did it, without even trying the product first!  This is so not like me!  But I trust my friend!  I'm now awaiting the arrive of what might just be my saving grace, for my body and our finances!

I invite you to come and take this journey with me! 
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